What Are Private Lessons?

An essential part of any successful band program is a strong private lesson program.  Private lessons will be offered at Hays Middle School before, during, and after school at the cost of $20 a lesson.  Unlike tutoring, private lessons are not needed just for those students that may be struggling. Private lessons are for every student. In class, we are not able to give your child individualized attention as much as we would like. Private lessons are a chance for your student to have lessons with a specialist on their instrument and have instruction that is geared specifically for each student. Students that may be struggling can get the extra help to improve, but the average to advanced players can get instruction to advance further and keep them challenged outside of class.

Our private lesson staff has been hired by the Prosper Band Directors and have completed a background check. These teachers are highly qualified professionals that will work closely with the band directors to help each student progress. The PISD has implemented a pay scale for all people who teach private lessons on a PISD campus.  Students taught during class will receive 22-minute lessons. Lesson length taught before or after school will be determined by the private lesson teacher.

We look forward to having your student involved in the private lesson program!