Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play an instrument?

Playing an instrument in the band will cost some money, but not as much as you might think!  We have special discounts through local music stores for the monthly rental of instruments with a special rent-to-buy program.  We have several instruments that are owned by Prosper ISD that are available for use for an annual $100 maintenance fee.

Can I play sports and be in band?

Yes!  Many  students in band are involved in sports as well as many other activities outside of school.

Will being in band affect my grades?

Definitely.  In fact, studies have shown that participation in music programs will affect your child's grade for the BETTER! A recent study shows that students enrolled in music programs score an average of 89 points HIGHER on the SAT than students not involved in a music program.

How much time outside of school is required?

Not much.  We ask that band students (all grades) practice their instrument daily for 20-30 minutes.  Beginning band students only have 4 rehearsals outside the school day all year.  These rehearsals are in preparation for our concerts and contests in December and April.

Do I need experience?

NO. While a background in piano or similar instrument can be helpful to a student's understanding of musical concepts, it is NOT necessary to have prior knowledge or training. Most of the students in the Hays Band had no prior music training outside their regular Elementary Music class.