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How to Join Band

1. Sign up for Band as your first elective choice when choosing your courses 

This is the most important step and the easiest to make. When you place Band as your first elective choice, this ensures that you will have a spot in the beginning band class. If you didn’t enroll in the beginning band class… No Worries! You can attend an Instrument Fitting event (see step 2) and change your schedule later on. There is no need to decide what instrument you are playing, yet… that comes next.


2. ​Attend a “Band Instrument Fitting” Event

Get ready for a fun time!!! This is the time that the student sits down with a band director and is able to try any instrument that they want to. During this session, the assigned band director(s) guide the student through the band instruments and make suggestions based on finger dexterity, face and teeth structure, grades, and experience. By the end of this short session, the student will walk away in most instances knowing what instrument is the best fit for them. If the student is interested in percussion, there will be a separate assessment date due to the large amount of interest.

3. Rent/Purchase the instrument and supplies

We highly recommend that parents choose to sign up for a rent-to-own program through our recommended vendors for the first year. This will help ensure that the student is responsible and dedicated to their chosen instrument before an instrument is purchased. Music Stores will also offer instrument repair supplements to cover the costs of any repairs needed while being rented. We highly encourage to take advantage of this during the student’s first year, as they are not only learning how to play the instrument but also how to take care of the instrument. Accidents occur which can be costly!

4. Show up to Band Class

Now the fun REALLY begins! This will be the most rewarding time, full of challenges, experiences and FUN!